Digitally Integrated Economy Our goal is to use blockchain technology to build an ecosystem that encourages trade and financial inclusion in a sustainable way.

Decentralized Ecosystem 

Future is Digital

A decentralized, open-source, community-driven, and inclusion-focused cryptocurrency called UIDD is designed to boost global trade and business in order to assist and support the underprivileged community and work to better living conditions.

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UIDD Blockchain

Be a part of the Ecosystem that aims to reduce poverty and emplyment


UIDD seeks to assist those who are less fortunate than others so they can have dignified lives. This can only be accomplished by creating opportunities and by facilitating access to the global market through the creation of an ecosystem.

We will build a network to integrate all blockchain services, such as smart contracts, which are necessary for ecosystems that support commerce and business, onto a single platform.

Business On Crypto

UIDD aims to develop an ecosystem that support and empower underpriviledge community and create a business Oriented platform that can serve all the need. UIDD aims to cater

What will be the next step?

  • banking solutions
  • borderless
  • low cost transactions
  • Security




Windows 64Bit


Linux Arm 64Bit









frequently asked questions, get knowledge befere hand

Uidd is a community-focused cryptocurrency that focuses on facilitating trade and commercial transactions and building a solid ecosystem.

Yes, our core objective is to make software as decentralized as possible. As long as UIDD is open source, it will have a completely transparent development ecosystem and anyone can contribute to development while having a fixed coin supply. We believe this is the age of decentralisation and collective no one should govern or dictate the others' voice. Decentralization can build a powerfull ecosystem in which we would have collective growth and no one can be left behind.

yes, UIDD is inflationary and current inflation rate is ~.2%

you are welcome to contribute to the uidd
by contributing to in development of codebase and adding/proposing improvement and development
by supporting and promoting uidd in your social groups and encourarage them towards uidd .

UIDD is not currently listed on any exchange, but it will be soon.

5% of initial supply has been allocated as an development and this fund will ensure the development.

ICO-like soft launch, which took place in "In this extremely volatile period of blockchain development, it is crucial to reach a wider consensus in order to better serve the community and implement speedy functionality. incessantly evolving technological era "As we all know, adaptability is king, thus it is best to involve a larger community in development to ensure that we produce the finest possible blockchain technology to meet all of these needs.

Anyone is invited to contact us via Telegram, Twitter, or any of the other social media networks featured on the website.





Website Launch

Vision document

Soft-chain launch




Take Off

Team building & expansion

Mainnet Network launch

Community development

Telegram bot launch

Whitepaper drafting

Development program launch



Community & team expansion

Decentralised ecosystem development

Website relaunchv

UI/UX redesign

Upgrade to Evmone

Technical documents

Validator pools

Exchange Listing

Business support program